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DJJOhAL.Com Home1. Gandhi Money - Divine

DJJOhAL.Com Home2. Chal Bombay - Divine

DJJOhAL.Com Home 3. Level Up Ft. Kaater - Ikka & Divine

DJJOhAL.Com Home 4. Dont Be The One Ft. Kara Marni - Emiway Bantai

DJJOhAL.Com Home 5. Angaar Ft. Raftaar - Ikka

DJJOhAL.Com Home6. Vibe Hai Ft. Aavrutti And D Evil - Divine

DJJOhAL.Com Home7. Too Hype Ft. Sanjoy And Sid Sriram - Divine

DJJOhAL.Com Home8. G Baadyz - Intro (Prelude) - G Baadyz

DJJOhAL.Com Home9. G Baadyz - Chaddan Vehle Dharti (Leaving Your Homeland) - G Baadyz

DJJOhAL.Com Home10. G Baadyz - Azaadi - G Baadyz

DJJOhAL.Com Home11. G Baadyz - Perseverence Ft Luck-R - G Baadyz

DJJOhAL.Com Home12. G Baadyz - Mere Sooch(Natural Talentz) Ft. Luck-R, Red China - G Baadyz

DJJOhAL.Com Home13. G Baadyz - Salute feat. Sukh Bajwa - G Baadyz

DJJOhAL.Com Home14. G Baadyz - Shukar Adaa - G Baadyz

DJJOhAL.Com Home15. G Baadyz - K.U.D.I.Y.E - G Baadyz

DJJOhAL.Com Home16. G Baadyz - Punjab (Gift & The Curse) - G Baadyz

DJJOhAL.Com Home 17. Kohinoor - Divine

DJJOhAL.Com Home 18. Thanks To God - Emiway Bantai

DJJOhAL.Com Home 19. Dilli Waali Baatcheet (From Mr. Nair) - Raftaar

DJJOhAL.Com Home 20. Yalgaar - Carry Minati

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