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Babbu Maan - JattiyeBabbu Maan - Jattiye [R]
Babbu Maan - PsychoBabbu Maan - Psycho [R]
Inder Chahal - Khuda K PaasInder Chahal - Khuda K Paas [R]
Gurtaj - Balle BalleGurtaj - Balle Balle [R]
Babbu Maan - BewafaBabbu Maan - Bewafa [R]
Babbu Maan - GypsyBabbu Maan - Gypsy [R]
Amar Sandhu - 2-2 RakhengaAmar Sandhu - 2-2 Rakhenga [R]
Babbu Maan - BulletBabbu Maan - Bullet [R]
Gurtaj - Strong Together (EP)Gurtaj - Strong Together (EP) [R]
Babbu Maan - DaavaBabbu Maan - Daava [R]
Gurtaj - Sarkar Koi HoveGurtaj - Sarkar Koi Hove [R]
Gurtaj - LifestyleGurtaj - Lifestyle [R]
Babbu Maan - Chan Reha Na ChanBabbu Maan - Chan Reha Na Chan [R]
Ranjit Bawa - Duleep Singh The Last EmperorRanjit Bawa - Duleep Singh The Last Emperor [R]
Babbu Maan - Shaunk NalBabbu Maan - Shaunk Nal [R]
Babbu Maan - Ashique MizajBabbu Maan - Ashique Mizaj [R]
Babbu Maan - Hadh Maar GyeBabbu Maan - Hadh Maar Gye [R]
Inder Chahal - Ravaun WaleyaInder Chahal - Ravaun Waleya [R]
Babbu Maan - Chitta KurtaBabbu Maan - Chitta Kurta [R]
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