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1. Look Innocent - Sukh Lotey1. Look Innocent - Sukh Lotey
2. Occasionally Kala Maal - Sukh Lotey2. Occasionally Kala Maal - Sukh Lotey
3. Badami - Sukh Lotey3. Badami - Sukh Lotey
4. Goriye - Sukh Lotey & Deepak Dhillon4. Goriye - Sukh Lotey & Deepak Dhillon
5. Kaala Maal - Sukh Lotey5. Kaala Maal - Sukh Lotey
6. School Di Topper - Sukh Lotey6. School Di Topper - Sukh Lotey
7. Jaan Jaan - Sukh Lotey7. Jaan Jaan - Sukh Lotey
8. Tom And Jerry - Sukh Lotey8. Tom And Jerry - Sukh Lotey
9. Vaid - Sukh Lotey9. Vaid - Sukh Lotey
10. Pakha - Sukh Lotey10. Pakha - Sukh Lotey
11. Aam Jahi - Sukh Lotey11. Aam Jahi - Sukh Lotey
12. Garam Trait - Sukh Lotey12. Garam Trait - Sukh Lotey
13. Hustler - Sukh Lotey13. Hustler - Sukh Lotey
14. School Di Topper - Sukh Lotey14. School Di Topper - Sukh Lotey
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