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Top 20 Comedy Albums

new Albums  songs1. Various - Swasir
new Albums  songs2. Jagtar Jaggi - Jalwe Jaggi De
new Albums  songs3. Jaswinder Bhalla - Chhankata 1996 & Half
new Albums  songs4. Bhotu Shah - Bhotu Shah Ji Thand Rakho
new Albums  songs5. Jaswinder Bhalla - Chhankata 1997 And Half
new Albums  songs6. Various - Munna Bhai MBBS Part II (Pakistani)
new Albums  songs7. Bhagwant Mann - Jaagde Raho
new Albums  songs8. Various - Dhamake Jugnu De Vol 2
new Albums  songs9. Bhagwant Mann - Most Wanted Bhagwant Maan
new Albums  songs10. Jaswinder Bhalla - Chhankata & Half
new Albums  songs11. Bhagwant Mann - Kulfi Garma Garam 2
new Albums  songs12. Jaswinder Bhalla - Chhankata 1994
new Albums  songs13. Various - Bazaar Key Phool
new Albums  songs14. Bhagwant Mann - Mithian Mirchan
new Albums  songs15. Jaspal Bhatti - Flop Show Vol 1
new Albums  songs16. Tau - Tau Hariyanvi Daru Punjabi
new Albums  songs17. Jaswinder Bhalla - Chhankata 2003
new Albums  songs18. Bhagwant Mann - Kulfi Garma Garam 2
new Albums  songs19. Jaswinder Bhalla - Chhankata 1996
new Albums  songs20. Various - Chalaak Shohar
new Albums  songs21. Bhagwant Mann - Sawdhan Agge Bhagwant Maan
new Albums  songs22. Jaspal Bhatti - Flop Show Vol 2
new Albums  songs23. Bina Sagar Mandi Kalan - Kukrhan Di Kahdi Zindagi
new Albums  songs24. Bhagwant Mann - Lallu Kare Kawaliyan
new Albums  songs25. Jaswinder Bhalla - Chhankata
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