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Khan Bhaini - Proud To Be Desi Ft. FatehKhan Bhaini - Proud To Be Desi Ft. Fateh [R,V]

Tyson Sidhu - Father SaabTyson Sidhu - Father Saab [R]

Khan Bhaini - Nakhro Ft. Shipra GoyalKhan Bhaini - Nakhro Ft. Shipra Goyal [R,V]

GurJazz - Average Ft. R NaitGurJazz - Average Ft. R Nait [R]

Khan Bhaini - My LifeKhan Bhaini - My Life [R]

Khan Bhaini - My ThoughtsKhan Bhaini - My Thoughts [R,V]

Khan Bhaini - JourneyKhan Bhaini - Journey [R]

Khan Bhaini - 2 Cheene Ft.SycostyleKhan Bhaini - 2 Cheene Ft.Sycostyle [R,V]

Arsh Maini - Iko Ik ChaaArsh Maini - Iko Ik Chaa [R,V]

Khan Bhaini - Munda India Ton Ft. SycostyleKhan Bhaini - Munda India Ton Ft. Sycostyle [R,V]

Paul G & Love Brar - BodyguardPaul G & Love Brar - Bodyguard [R]

Sanam Bhullar - Haan Tan KroSanam Bhullar - Haan Tan Kro [R]

Khan Bhaini - DecemberKhan Bhaini - December [R]

Khan Bhaini - Gaddi Pichhe Naa Ft. Shipra GoyalKhan Bhaini - Gaddi Pichhe Naa Ft. Shipra Goyal [R,V]

Khan Bhaini - Bille Bille Naina WaliyeKhan Bhaini - Bille Bille Naina Waliye [R,V]

Khan Bhaini - 12 PM to 12 AM Ft. Karan AujlaKhan Bhaini - 12 PM to 12 AM Ft. Karan Aujla [R,V]

Gavy Dhindsa - Cool LipGavy Dhindsa - Cool Lip [R]

Manrozz - 10 BambManrozz - 10 Bamb [R,V]

Harsimran - DabkaHarsimran - Dabka [R,V]

Nawaab - BraveheartNawaab - Braveheart

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