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Tippu Sultan - MufflerTippu Sultan - Muffler [R]
Laddi Chhajla - Amli Di ChaaLaddi Chhajla - Amli Di Chaa [R]
Laddi Chhajla & Elly Mangat - Desi LahanLaddi Chhajla & Elly Mangat - Desi Lahan [R]
Laddi Chhajla - Gori KaaliLaddi Chhajla - Gori Kaali [R]
Nav Sandhu - Bappu Di LadliNav Sandhu - Bappu Di Ladli [R]
Laddi Chhajla - Baggo BaagLaddi Chhajla - Baggo Baag [R]
Raja Game Changerz - Qaidi Ft. Afsana KhanRaja Game Changerz - Qaidi Ft. Afsana Khan [R]
Laddi Chhajla - ChunniLaddi Chhajla - Chunni [R]
Laddi Chhajla - Gods PlanLaddi Chhajla - Gods Plan [R]
Laddi Chhajla - Muktsari KurteLaddi Chhajla - Muktsari Kurte [R]
Elly Mangat - PiccaElly Mangat - Picca [R,V]
Dev Sidhu - Jatt Mehnga Pau Ft. Raja Game ChangerzDev Sidhu - Jatt Mehnga Pau Ft. Raja Game Changerz [R]
Laddi Chhajla - Tell MeLaddi Chhajla - Tell Me [R,V]
Gulab Sidhu - Chadre Ft. Laddi ChhajlaGulab Sidhu - Chadre Ft. Laddi Chhajla [R,V]
Laddi Chhajla - StruggleLaddi Chhajla - Struggle [R,V]
Gulab Sidhu - ChadreGulab Sidhu - Chadre [R]
Laddi Chhajla - Stay With YouLaddi Chhajla - Stay With You [R]
Laddi Chhajla - Tere Aali JattiLaddi Chhajla - Tere Aali Jatti [R,V]
Laddi Chhajla - Wedding Plan Ft. Nav SandhuLaddi Chhajla - Wedding Plan Ft. Nav Sandhu [R,V]
Laddi Chhajla - Addiction Ft. Raja Game ChangerzLaddi Chhajla - Addiction Ft. Raja Game Changerz [R,V]
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